Assessment and development of methods, systems and components aimed at improving energy and technological performances, as well as environmental sustainability of products in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration.

experimental measurements of solubility and saturation pressure of new refrigerants.

study on the characterisation of nanofluids, as possible operational fluids in CARR applications, by means of viscosity measurement, the assessment of the medium size of nanoparticles and the suspension stability.

experimental fluid-dynamics with PIV method applied to the analysis of the cold curtain in open vertical refrigerated display cabinets.

analysis with the thermographic method of the effects of external corrosion, caused by condensation, in a conduit suited for the transport of hydrocarbons and covered with insulating material and aluminium enclosure

setting up of a plant for characterising radiant floor panels, made up of a large climatic chamber, air conditioned and equipped with instruments for assessing energy performances

characterisation of the ageing (process) of covering ceramic materials, by analysing thermal properties with reference to thermal models and their assessment.

data gathering for monitoring energy consumption in a supermarket: setting up of a simulation model for a set of refrigerated cabinets