2013/2015 – Agreement between USRA (Special Office for the Reconstruction of L’Aquila) and ITC-CNR

The activities involved by the agreement will be performed in two steps:

  •  step 1: support to USRA for coordinating the IT management of the “reconstruction” process both from the “institutional” point of view and from the “management-strategic” one, aimed at conducting also research activities to define integrated “management protocols” of the post earthquake reconstruction processes
  • step 2: a) study for the implementation of a Geo-referenced IT System for the Reconstruction, integrating, where possible and depending on the availability of access and on the cooperation of the owners, all the existing data-bases; b) research for the definition of a “default” management system concerning the forecasting, emergency and reconstruction phases relating to the reduction of the seismic risk on the basis of activities conducted and previous experiences.