Projects (2011-2015)

Contract: carrying out tests and measurements on insulated vehicles for the transport of perishable foodstuffs in accordance with the ATP Agreement with the aim of conducting experiments in the field of the cold chain.
Contract: Research contract for implementing activities within the research programme Industry 2015 – new technologies for Made in Italy for the creation of refrigerated cabinets using natural refrigerants – part II
Contract: Research contract for studying the application of nanofluids in household heat pumps
Contract: Research contract for the thermo-fluid-dynamic analysis of an open refrigerated cabinet
Project: Slim radiant floor for energy saving
Project: Performance measurement and assessment of an innovative radiant conditioning system with reduced thickness to be used in industrial and residential building
Project: characterisation of thermal barrier samples with the laser flash method in different experimental settings
Contract: Research contract for conducting activities and studies concerning the project “Tests on insulated boxes with innovative structure”
Project: enabling technologies and materials for the electrical systems research
Project: flexible system of infrastructures for the development of components and materials for energy and transport – COMMA
ProjectSmart, Integrated and Adaptive high-efficient Micro-cogeneraton Platform for residential applications – PIACE
Project: rapid and accurate measurement of environmental conditions of buildings, through IR thermography