Vito Scafidi prize


The “Vito Scafidi” prize, which is dedicated to the memory of the young student from Pinerolo (Turin) who died some years ago because of the collapse of the suspended ceiling of his classroom, is awarded to the best degree theses of students from the faculties of architecture and engineering dealing with structural safety of school buildings.
The prize is part of the scope of the initiatives promoted by the ‘Welcome to Italy’ foundation, which was created by the student’s family to raise public awareness on this subject, with a view to avoiding similar tragedies in the future.

The Head of the Construction Technologies Institute (ITC), Prof. Antonio Occhiuzzi, will represent CNR, also in his capacity as member of the award commission and of the commission established by CNR for the preparation of technical standards for constructions.

Besides awarding the graduation prizes, the ceremony will be an important occasion to encourage an in-depth examination of safety of non-structural components in buildings. Accordingly, both experts from the sector concerned, among whom the President of the Italian Superior Council of Public Works, Dr. Mario Sessa, and representatives from the institutions will be attending the event.

March 21, 2017 in News

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