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ITC is committed to applied research and also undertakes high-profile activities for the enhancement, technical and certification assessment of innovative construction products, based on expertise and state-of-the-art equipment whose uniqueness is nationally renowned.

The Institute’s activities have a great impact on the construction sector which is, in economic, business and employment terms, one of the largest sectors in Italy, with a massive nationwide presence and capable of being the true driving force for other business sectors of the industry, handicraft and professional field.

This sector is strongly characterized by complex operational procedures and processes, due to the wide variety of different business roles involved, the use of simple and/or traditional products which often do not have a specific intended use, or complex, multi-function and/or innovative products and systems.

Both new and existing buildings are an irreplaceable asset of huge economic value to be preserved and made available, efficient and safe, which implies putting in place appropriate technical and technological solutions with a view to achieving sustainability and providing services to companies and citizens. Research and innovation are therefore an opportunity for growth for the construction sector, with an important positive impact on the whole country.

Besides, it is worth underlining the significant impact of the sector-specific legislation on industrial competitiveness and innovation.

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