Mandatory certification

“When a construction product is covered by a harmonised standard or conforms to a European Technical Assessment which has been issued for it, the manufacturer shall draw up a declaration of performance when such a product is placed on the market” (Art. 4 CPR)

“The CE marking is affixed only to the construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up his Declaration of Performance in accordance with articles 4 and 6” (CPR).

In the context of the two fundamental stages of the process towards the CE marking, that is, the Type Tests (TT) and the Factory Production Control (FPC), the systems of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance set out the responsibility for the tasks between the Manufacturer and the Notified Body, for the purpose of drawing up, by the Manufacturer, of the Declaration of Performance (DoP) of the essential characteristics of the construction product.

Notified Bodies perform third-party tasks in accordance with these assessment systems.
ITC is a Product Certification Body, Factory Production Control Certification Body and Laboratory, Notified pursuant to Regulation 305/11.

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