Documento di Valutazione DdV

Documento di Valutazione (DdV) ITC-CNR for “cements”

Pursuant to the Decrees of the Ministry of Health of 10.5.2004 and 17.2.2005, the standard requirements regarding water-soluble chromium VI content shall be met for the marketing of “cements”.

In support of Companies, ITC has voluntarily set up an independent assessment system (third party assessment, as set out in UNI EN 196-10) for supplementing the factory production control regarding the content of water-soluble chromium (VI). The activity of ITC-CNR involves periodic inspections on the factory’s quality management system and the measurement of the water-soluble chromium content on samples jointly taken by the two parties concerned. Upon completion of these checks, ITC-CNR issues an Documento di Valutazione (DdV) for the products assessed at a specific factory, to be renewed annually and containing the date of the first issue and tracks of previous versions.

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