ETA – European Technical Assessment

The European Technical Assessment (ETA) is a  document issued on a voluntary basis providing information on the performance of construction products; the ETA can be issued for products not covered by a harmonised standard which can refer to a European Assessment Document (EAD) o to an ETAG, which was the reference document under the system in force before the CPR, provided that it has not yet been withdrawn and that it is used as an EAD.
ETAs are issued by the Technical Assessment Body (TAB) that also defines the relevant EADs. ITC is a TAB designated for many product areas so it can define EADs, or collaborate in their definition, and issue ETAs.
The ETA for a product shall include the performance to be declared, by levels or classes, or in a description, of those essential characteristics agreed by the manufacturer and the TAB receiving the request for the ETA for the declared intended use, and technical details necessary for the implementation of the system of assessment and verification of constancy of performance (AVCP).
With regard to the AVCP, when the ETA is issued, the manufacturer shall comply with the relevant provisions of CPR No. 305/2011 (Annex V).

List of ETAs

Copies of ETAs can be requested to: formazione” at “