ITC-CNR at the top of the Technical Assessment Bodies of the European Community

After a long wait, the SG02 Sector Group, “Cement, aggregates, mortar and ancillary products for concrete”, of Notified Bodies for the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No. 305/2011 (CPR) has finally met on May 16th, 2017.

The meeting was held at the premises of the National Research Council of Italy in Milan and the organizers succeeded in bringing together 23 representatives of Notified Bodies from 9 European countries.

The event was a unique chance to relaunch the activities of the Sector Group and to set new targets relying on the active participation of the Group’s members.

The attending representatives of the NBs unanimously appointed Mr. Luca Schiavi of ITC-CNR – Italy, as the new SG02 Chairman.

The outstanding topics for discussion of a very dense agenda regarded the CPR in correlation to the standards related to the products falling within the scope of the Sector Group. In particular, it turned out that EN 197-2 is under revision because it is quite outdated and it contains requirements that are no longer applicable under the CPR.

On May 9, 2017, the EOTA General Assembly appointed Mrs. Luisa Morfini of ITC CNR as the new Chairperson of the EOTA Technical Board.

This position involves the coordination of the technical positions of 50 European TABs that are members of EOTA. In particular, the Chairperson coordinates the preparation of European Assessment Documents (EADs) for the issuing of European Technical Assessments (ETAs) which are, in turn, the reference for filling out the Declarations of Performance and the CE marking for construction products that are not covered by harmonized standards.

The EOTA working groups (PTs) can take advantage of this eminent position and make more effective their endeavours about the assessment of the sustainability of construction products, dangerous substances, fire behaviour, seismic behaviour and the overall quality of construction products.

For many years, ITC has been at the service of manufacturers who intended to put their construction materials on the European Market in the absence of harmonized standards. Today, the Institute has a direct link with the structures of the European Commission to serve the interests of the Country.

June 01, 2017 in News

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