ZEB LABORATORY: an R&D infrastructure in support of companies

ZEB LABORATORY: an R&D infrastructure  in support of companies

The main objective of the “I-ZEB project, “Towards Intelligent Zero Energy Buildings for the growth of the smart city”, implemented within the Framework Cooperation Agreement between the Lombardy Region and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) is to generate beneficial effects on the construction sector by stimulating synergy and a close collaboration between the industry and the research community.

To meet this need, the ZEB Laboratory was implemented and completed in June 2019 at the premises of the project leader Construction Technologies Institute (ITC) in San Giuliano Milanese (Milan). The purpose of the Laboratory is to carry out energy and environmental analyses aimed at:

  • assessing the performance of materials, components and systems under actual working conditions;
  • defining the interaction among different technological solutions in an overarching vision of the building-plant-user system;
  • validating and optimizing the models and identifying any critical issues that may arise during their application.

The ZEB laboratory is an R&D hub where construction companies can characterize their products with the support of researchers specialized in monitoring, analysis and optimization of new solutions for the construction of zero-energy buildings (ZEB). Thanks to the technical and architectural features of the experimental building, it is possible to move beyond the logics of the traditional laboratory, making it possible to perform analyses under actual service conditions and fostering the development of the technological solutions analyzed in order to make them market-ready.

The implementation of the ZEB laboratory has involved sixteen companies at regional, national and international level. This is an inspiring example of collaboration between the applied research community and the production industry thanks to which all the players involved were able to put to system their background and expertise serving the common goal of promoting the dissemination of high-performance buildings

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