Research Roadmap for the implementation of urban regeneration strategies

Date: March 23/24, 2017
Venue: Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Via Alfonso Corti, 12 – Milano – Italy
Promoters: CNR in collaboration with SECI Real Estate of Gruppo Maccaferri and Mare Culturale Urbano
Sponsorship: AUDIS

Working Seminar #UrbanForesight – Milano, March 23-24, 2017

The seminar will take place at the headquarters of the Research Area of CNR in Via Alfonso Corti 12, Milan.

It will be held in two sessions, with the specific objective of defining new ways to reroute research (and groups interested in doing so), by investigating possible future urban scenarios, and ways to resolve the issues that are hindering the implementation of urban regeneration strategies.

The idea of this collective work arises from ITC awareness that every day the players involved in the roadmap to urban transformation have to face system difficulties. Such issues make it very hard to implement urban regeneration strategies, no matter how shared, smart and consistent they are with the policies laid down by the EU and even supported by public and private entities actively involved in the regional contexts concerned by such strategies.

#UrbanForesight will be held over two days with complementary organization and goals. The objective of the two-day seminar is to explore future, desired or realistic urban scenario over the next 20-30 years.

The event will be an occasion to investigate the potential scientific and technological research options whose updating will positively affect each individual scenario, as well as to seek the proper actions and instruments to overcome the system’s difficulties.

To this end, the participation of different players in their various capacities (researchers, entrepreneurs, decision makers, activists), is an opportunity to rely on their experience in facing such obstacles. Actually, all these players can testify how they managed to lay down their roadmap to overcoming barriers based on substantial reflections and experimentation. Comparison between different points of view will stimulate a debated aiming at taking account of the complexity of urban regeneration and at identifying new directions for research and design that may effectively contribute to the systemic enhancement of the general reference framework.

#DAY1 is dedicated to a seminar open to the public and broadcast via streaming.

Thirty national experts will share their own experiences about the development of a strategic master plan for the regeneration of Jesi’s former SADAM area, and then they will debate on the following topics during four theme-based round tables:

  • Processes;

  • Urban ecosystem;

  • Administrative infrastructure;

  • ICT as enabling factor.

Both present and remote participants to the seminar will be able to contribute to the works by answering, via a tailor-made Web app, the specific questions asked by the organizers so to understand the feelings of the participants concerning some of the key issues at stake.

#DAY2: the outcomes of the round tables and the feedback from the audience will feed into the workshop on invitation that are taking place on the second day; the workshops will be named after the fields of application of the research roadmaps that will be identified at the end of the seminar’s works by 45 national experts, namely:

  • Technology;

  • Market;

  • Tertiary;

  • Planning.

The first three workshops will involve representatives of the supply side of research who can rely on their expertise to take care of the development of projects in order to achieve relevant results. The fourth workshop will bring together players from the demand side of research whose task is to establish the programme for private companies and territorial contexts. To do so, they will need to ask all stakeholders involved for adequate support in order to identify the best way to achieve the shared objectives.

A qualified professional, who will draw up a summary of the outcomes of the working sessions, moderates each workshop.

The two-day event will be closed by a plenary session where the moderators will share the contents and outcomes of the works.

This event will be followed by a scientific publication aimed at sharing the contents and results of the work done.

This notice is also an invitation to take part, also via streaming, in the open day scheduled for March 23. During the seminar, the audience (both present and remote) will be given the chance to contribute via an app designed by ITC-CNR, which will allow the participants to answer specific questions asked by the organizers on the topics addressed during the round-table discussions, in order to steer research towards new goals and interests both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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