Core competencies

The core activities carried out at ITC headquarters of San Giuliano Milanese aim to promote the enhancement of the built environment by seeking new assessment and verification methods to support the development of construction technologies, sustainable building, performance assessment and evaluation of the quality of products, components and construction systems.

The main field of activity of the ITC Milano branch is the study, design and development of IT-based innovative systems, with a special focus on multimedia, integrated and collaborative information systems through open source, low-cost tools to support the cultural, architectural and intangible heritage.

The ITC  Padova  branch is devoted to the assessment and development of methods, systems and components conceived to enhance energy-related and technological performances as well as environmental sustainability of products in the air-conditioning and refrigeration sector.

The activities carried out at the ITC  Bari branch are mainly focused on the new methods implemented in order to analyse and enhance the built environment as well as the cultural and architectural heritage, related to innovative survey methodologies aimed at the creation of digital models of the built heritage and of virtual tours. It is also committed to the implementation of local information systems available for online consultation, in order to enhance the environmental and architectural heritage.

The sphere of expertise of the ITC branch of L’Aquila, is the assessment of seismic vulnerability and analysis of the damage to the built heritage located in seismic areas, with particular regard to historical buildings, schools and the public building heritage in general. Methods of assessment and reduction of seismic vulnerability and damage are implemented through procedures, action techniques and strategies, monitoring and relevant cost estimates, both prior to and after the seismic event, in terms of support to planning and emergency management.

The focus of the activities of the ITC  Roma branch is on two different topics:

  • residential buildings and external environment for the elderly and the disabled and new assistive technologies;
  • vibration-dynamic absorbers for civil structures and energy recovery systems from environmental vibrations.

The Third-party Research Unit of Napoli has significant expertise in scientific research aimed at the assessment of the safety of structures and non-structural components subject to natural and/or anthropic risks.