ITC-CNR cooperates at national and international level with bodies and institutions for research, standardization and training purposes.


  • Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, University and Research;
  • ENEA – Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment,
  • Polytechnic Universities (MI, TO, BA);
  • UNI – Italian Standardisation Organisation;
  • Regional Administrations (Lombardy, Molise, Marche, Lazio, Puglia, Veneto, Liguria, Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Sicily, Friuli), other provincial and municipal local authorities
  • ITACA;
  • ACCREDIA, Italian Accreditation Body;
  • Category associations of the building and construction sector (ANCE, AITEC, UNCSAAL, FEDERLEGNO, ASSOBETON, ASSIMPREDIL, etc.) Federcostruzioni and FINCO, as well as CNA and Confartigianato.
  • Mirror Group (Group of Notified Bodies) under the mandatory provisions of Regulation (EU) 305/11;
  • Founding member of the SBA, Sustainable Building Alliance, an organization of international scope.

Universities (GE, NA, MI, IN, BS, TN, FI, AN, VE, MRI, CT, CR, etc.).


  • CIB (International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction), world’s leading forum for the exchange of information on research in the construction sector;
  • UEAtc (Union Européenne pour l’Agrément Technique dans la Construction), network of all European and some non-EU institutions, acting on a voluntary basis, in charge for the assessments of suitability of innovative products, made on the basis of shared technical and procedural documents;
  • EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Assessments), the organization which prepares the EAD (European Assessment Document) for the issuing of ETAs (European Technical Assessments) for innovative products for construction and coordinating the activities of the European Institutions appointed and notified for that purpose (TAB);
  • CEN (Comitee Européen de Normalisation);
  • AG-GNB (Advisory Group of Notified Bodies), representing Italy in accordance with Regulation (EU) 305/11).