The project is pursued by a group of transnational and multi-disciplinary partner Institutes, formed by the SMILE Association (Innovative Systems and Methodologies for Work and Education), project leader, LabDoc (University of Calabria – Linguistics Department – Documentation Laboratory), ITC-CNR (Building Technologies Institute – National Research Council) ICMQ S.p.A. Reflective Learning Italy, E-CAP (Stiftung Ecap Scchweiz), TUDO (Tecnische Universität Dortmund – ZWE Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund). Edimap project lasts 2 years and was launched in October 2011.

The project contributes to:

description, formalization and enhancement of abilities and skills acquired in different learning contexts

  • identification of at least four professional profiles, in line with the European qualifications framework

  • development of validated training programmes for new profiles, structured in competency units and learning objectives

  • construction and testing of a competency certification path, in line with both national and regional guidelines and certification schemes of the sector.

Edimap uses a set of methodological tools (Common Methodology KADS – modeled Standards of knowledge, PCPACK5 Tool for knowledge representation), whose final outcome is a computer system, that can represent and map tacit skills and knowledge, which are observed by means of a field research activity and following elaboration.

Edimap poject aims at mapping, describing and certifying the skills of employees, by promoting knowledge acquired through tacit experience and developed in formal/informal learning systems.

The professional area chosen is the building sector, with particular reference to green jobs, characterised by a significant growth and a strong connection with the territory. Edimap is funded by the European Commission within the Lifelong Learning Programme. Edimap is in the subprogramme “Leonardo Da Vinci” concerning vocational training, is included in projects “Innovation Transfer”, aimed at enhancing and multiplying, in new contexts, innovative results already achieved throug previous initiatives related to methodologies and contents for the quality of professioal education-training. The Italian reference institution for the Lifelong Learning Programme is ISFOL