ITS – Higher level specialist in management and control of power plants

(two-year course – 2000 hours duration – starting date: November 28th, 2014)

Higher level specialists in management and control of power plants:

  • Analyse and manage production and/or transformation and distribution power plants.
  • Are aware of the different plant types and know how to implement the appropriate actions in the case of malfunctions in the process.
  • Plan and implement the management of the plant in operation and performs its maintenance and assesses its reliability.
  • Conduct audits on the equipment and on the operation of the plants , with particular consideration to efficiency and energy saving.
  • Analyse the energy performance of buildings and are able to carry out their energy assessment.
  • Enforce the Community, national and regional regulations and technical legislation.
  • Act as energy managers for both civil and industrial buildings.

Main areas of specific expertise:

  • Energy systems
  • Thermotechnical measurements
  • Solar energy: solar photovoltaic and solar thermal systems
  • Wind power, Biomasses and Geothermal Energy
  • Efficiency and energy assessment of buildings
  • Lighting technology and acoustics with a view to energy saving
  • Automation and domotics with a view to energy saving