Materials characterisation Lab

Sistema per misure dinamometriche a temperatura controllata

System for torque measurements at a controlled temperature

The activity of the Materials characterisation lab is focused on the techniques of measurement of chemical-physical-mechanic features of both traditional and technologically advanced materials, not only implementing normalized methods, but also developing specific methods and instruments for unconventional measures. Focus is put on the durability with its related problems, which implies different stress techniques, in order to study the performance degradations over time in actual operating conditions.

As many building materials imply a user preparation, which, together with laying conditions, can affect seriously the final features of the actual products together, a specific area has been set up by the Laboratory; this area is dedicated to the laying and maturing of samples, in order to ensure uniformity and monitoring of preparatory conditions of the laying.

Main pieces of equipment

The activity of the laboratory is mainly addressed to the industry for the implementation of research programmes aimed at masuring features of materials which are being studied or which are being developed at taking specific measurements both normalised and developed in accordance with specific requirements on marketed materials.

  • Dynamometers with digital control for the mechanic featuring process of materials (for instance traction, compression and bending measurements, at 2 and 4 points) in a temperature range between -70 and 350 °C
  • Chamber for the implementation of freeze-thaw cycles to -40 °C
  • Chamber for the implementation of mechanic cycles at low temperature, -15 °C
  • Solar simulation exposure system (Xenotest)
  • Moisture chamber for prolonged exposure of samples to monitored conditions of temperature and damp
    thermostatic room for prolonged thermal treatment of samples