Physics and mechanics LAB of concrete products

This Laboratory carries out technological tests on both special and standard concrete and it is basically a testing laboratory of the notified body for the certification of the product of third part for the harmonized standards EN 197-1 (standard related to common cements) and for EN 14216 (for very low-

hydration heat special cement); there can be also other assessments concerning binders more in general .

The laboratory is equipped with chambers, which are climatically controlled (damp and temperature), and machines required to carry out the expected tests. A special care is taken about the conditions of traceability to inter-laboratory test circuits. Through these conditions it is possible to keep under control all the variabilities in the manual operative conditions.

Automatic equipment for the determination of the setting time of cements
Jolting table for plastic mortar specimens
Determination of compressive strength by constant increase of the applied load

Main pieces of equipment

The main pieces of equipment of the laboratory are the required instruments for the preparation , preservation and ripening processes of mortar specimens under control; press machines for pressure tests; automatic and manual test instruments for the detection of the setting time.