Methods and tools for energy and environmental sustainability of buildings

Main topics

Measurement of thermal properties of materials and components
Measurement of acoustic properties of components and systems
Measurement of the energy and environmental performance of innovative envelope and plant components in real working conditions
Measurement of visual comfort
Energy audits
Upgrading of energy efficiency
Environmental sustainability
Energy certification
LCA and LCC analysis
Dynamic simulations

Quality, energy efficiency, energy environmental sustainability and acoustic performance of buildings are topics of special interest to the Institute. Study, definition and testing of innovative technological solutions, development and implementation of methodological approaches aimed to analyse and assess the performance of the building. Development of tools and software (energy and sustainability certification and acoustic classification), application of hardware components for wireless environmental monitoring, innovative building envelope and plant components, audit and energy/acoustic diagnosis methods, solutions for building automation, creation of databases based on the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and LCC (Life Cycle Costing) approach aimed at the quantification of the LCC environmental and economic impact as well as at the optimisation of the level of acoustic performance of both construction materials to be incorporated into the building and buildings as a whole, environmental certification of buildings and definition of a specific eco-profile of construction products, methodological approaches to the commissioning phase, active and passive noise control system. Implementation of ongoing and planned actions consistent with national and international common frameworks relies on the close relations maintained with the academia and the networking with national and international research bodies and centres.

Environmental sustainalibity LAB