The INNOVance lexicon includes a repository of terms related to construction products organizing them in a semantic network explicitly expressing semantic relationships: equivalence relations, linking together terms that identify the same product which can therefore be considered as synonyms or quasi-synonyms; hierarchical relations of the genus-species type, linking a product to the more general category containing it; associative relations (of the “see also” type) are used to link terms that may be connected to each other to some extent.
The INNOVance lexicon is a reference tool intended to promote a more collective use of the sector terminology, as well as facilitating communication within the sector making it more effective in order to meet specific requirements for better understanding, to ensure accuracy, uniqueness and conciseness.
The lexicon is hosted on a platform with a search, consultation and web browsing interface to search terms included in the lexicon through mutual links redirecting to the interrelated terms and showing their semantic relations of the latter.