Chemical laboratory of cement products

The chemical laboratory of the cement products department carries out chemical analysis on both common and special concrete and works mainly as testing lab of the notified body of certification of the product for the harmonized standards EN 197-1 (standard related to common cements) and for the EN 14216 (standard of very low- hydration heat special cement), however it carries out also tests on hydraulic binders, required by both public and private bodies more generally.

Determination of water-soluble Chromium (VI) content - filtration of the liquid containing the Chromium (VI)
Automated test processor for sulphur and carbon content (determination of sulphates)


  • Defining the content of water-soluble chromium (VI) – filtering the liquid which contains Chromium (VI)
  • Automatic analyser of the zulphur and carbon content (determination of sulphates)

Main pieces of equipment

The main pieces of equipment of the laboratory make it possible to perform the determination of parameters, which characterise hydraulic binders – insoluble residue, calcination loss, pozzolanicity test and main oxydes – volumetrically, photometrically and by weighted; also assessing the content of water – soluble Chromium (V) in hydraulic binders and in cementitious compounds.