External envelope Lab

The Laboratory provides support for the needs of the construction industry through the evaluation and verification of the characteristics and performance of the products both mandatory and voluntary.
Study, research and experimentation activities are conducted aimed at developing products and systems, both traditional and innovative, employed and employable in the construction industry such as:

– doors and windows
– courtain walls
– ventilated facades
– insulated metal sheet panels
– discontinous roofings (roof tiles, fibre cement slabs, panel and corrugated sheets)
– substructures used for roofings
– anchoring systems for photovoltaic panels
– roof lights and smoke exhaust ventilators
– wall paintings
– plasters

Leakage tests

The laboratory is equipped with:

– Vacuum chamber which creates both pressure and pressure drops, so as to enable the personnel to detect on the sample the deflections caused by the distributed load on full scale (cm 1200×200)
– Instruments used for cycle tests warm /rain on discontinous roofings under actual operating conditions
– Stand for testing the water-binding capacity and the loading of discontinous roofings with different ramps angle
– Stand for testing the thermal expansion for components of discontinous roofings and walls