Building technologies LAB

In the Building technologies Laboratory personnel mainly carries out study and research activities aimed at featuring and developing innovative products and systems, as well as traditional ones, used and usable in the building sector.

Within the laboratory personnel also develops methods and tools aimed at assessing the performance of items, constructive components and systems (equipment, specifications, outputs analysis).

The building sector has to face new obligatory and European requirements, concerning the assessment of features and performances of the own production; the laboratory supports at different experimental complexity levels the building sector to face these requirements: this is considered as a chance to develop of knowledge and to make potentialities spring from innovation, in large industrial sectors.

Heat-rain cycles
Tilted specimen
Tiles. Load test.
conditioning of specimens

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • computerised systems for detecting and gathering of experimental data (pressures, shiftings, deflections,loads, temperatures and damp)

  • chassis for implementation of impact tests on samples of internal partitions and roofing systems

  • test stand for implementation of loads concentrated in enclosing elements

  • chassis for tensile tests with steel wire rope on panels

  • machines for mechanical and featuring process tests on concrete

  • equipment for the particle analysis of aggregates and for the packaging and monitoring of the newly laid concrete

  • levelling, cutting and core drilling machines

  • machine press and “universal machine” from 200 to 5000 kN

  • iron folding machine and pendulum for impact-strenght tests

  • climatic chambers for cyclic tests of thermal compatibility (range)