Energetics and diagnosis LAB

The activities are mainly focused on the assessment of the performance of components and systems (both innovative and traditional) in laboratories and under actual operating conditions thanks to many facilities of the laboratory, such as:

  • experimental tower building with a monitoring system for the assessment of both energetics and environmental performances under actual operating conditions, innovative envelope technologies (photovoltaic ventilated front sides etc.), systems and constituents of air conditioning systems, trigeneration and solar cooling, innovative on-site methods to evaluate acoustic performances on internal partitions and front side partitions.
  • Outdor test cell to evaluate performances under actual operating conditions of dynamic and active envelope technologies, which can be either transparent (electrocromic and ventilated glasses) or opaque (ventilated roofs, phase changing materials), as well as systems and components of technological plants.

In addition to this the laboratory has at its own disposal a wide range of instruments, which is made up of datalogger, sensoristics, IR thermal cameras, instantaneous measurement tools etc.. These instruments are also used during campaigns of in situ measurements, which are aimed at monitoringthe main buildings and environment energetics-performance and comfort indicators.

More specifically some performances are evaluated in terms of:

  • energy consumption by means of consumption accounting for winter and summer air conditioning systems

  • indoor comfort (hygrothermal, relative humidity, visual…)

  • physical-technical featuring process of cells ( thermal transmittance, phase shift and softening , periodic thermal transmittance, interstitial and surface damp..)

  • fluiddynamics analysis of dynamic components (convective motions, heat removal, energy saving, effectiveness and efficiency of ventilaton..)

  • contextualization of the energy behaviour of the innovative constituent for different Italian climates.

Moreover various computing tools are constantly used, as well as mathematical models, software for the analysis of finite elements, both dynamic and forecasting simulations

Multi-storey experimental building
Outdoor test cell for roofing elements
Test cells for both opaque and transparent façade elements


Major appliances

  • Experimental multi-storey building, equipped with a monitoring system for the evaluation of energy and environmental performance under the actual working conditions, the innovative enclosure technologies (photovoltaic ventilated facades, …), of systems and components of air conditioning systems, trigeneration and solar cooling, as well as innovative evaluation  techniques of the acoustic performance of interior partitions and façade in place;
  • Outdoor cell tests for the evaluation of performance, under the actual working conditions of dynamic and active enclosure, transparent technologies (electrochromic glazing, ventilated glass, etc.) And opaque (ventilated roofs, phase change materials, … ), and of systems and components of technological plants;
  • Extensive instrumental equipment, consisting of data loggers, sensors, camera, instant measurement tools, to campaigns for environmental monitoring work of the main energy-performance indicators and comfort;
  • Calculators, mathematical models, software for finite element analysis and dynamic simulation for the evaluation and prediction of the energy performance of buildings and facilities.