Survey and Representation of Architectural Environment Lab

The laboratory has been working in the field of survey and digital representation of architectural works since 1987, using both  simplified photogrammetry techniques and laser scanning. The activities carried out with the digital photogrammetry were intended primarily for works of historical and artistic interest, developing relevant techniques and representations aimed at the production of virtual restoration projects.

Main equipment and instrumentation

Scanner laser Riegl vz-400, digital tool which is extremely handy (small size) and provided with advanced features: high rate of measurements per second (125,000 per second) and the use of a high-resolution integrated digital camera, which also allows for the creation of very realistic 3D models and the production of digital photo-plans of the artifacts surveyed, of any shape and complexity.

The laboratory is also equipped with digital cameras, used in conjunction with dedicated software, such as: Agisoft PhotoScan professional, Autodesk 123D Catch, capable of processing 3D models of architectural artifacts from both land and drone shots. Thanks to the recently purchased thermal camera Flir T620 the laboratory is able to perform non-destructive investigation of building products, both by land and drone footage.